Template for the first four blocks: 4 Quilt Blocks-Templates Be sure you print this page at 100% scale. Check your printer settings.
Basic instructions for making any patchwork blocks: Patchwork Hand & Machine piecing Excerpted from Marjorie Puckett’s book for instructional purposes only.
Basic instructions for making a 9 Patch Block: Angela Walters’ Quilt tutorial I would not press the seam open. The traditional method is to press the seam toward the dark fabric when possible. The goal, when sewing the rows of pieces together, to have the two seams face away from each other.
Basic instructions for making “Half” triangle pieces: Creating Half Square Triangles (HST) any size This is an EXCELLENT tutorial. For our project, we are looking for a 4″ finished square… that means 4 and 7/8″ squares to start (see chart below). You don’t need a cutting mat and rotary cutter (although having those changed my world!)

Try starting with a 5″ square first, to give you a little leeway, and trim down until you are confident of your skill.

Basic instructions for making “Quarter” triangle pieces: Quarter Square Triangles (QST) Video

Bonjour Quilts Tutorial with chart and diagrams

This is another useful tutorial but you do need to determine the size of the square you need to start.

Use the chart to find the 4″ finished square.

Notice that each time we split the square into separate shaped pieces, we have to increase the size of the starting square to account for the internal seam allowances.


Traditional HST maths chart

From Blossom heart Quilts

Quarter Square Triangle Chart with cutting and trimming sizes

From Bonjour Quilts