August 25th, 2016

Best advice ever!

Many thanks to Rhett Allain and his post in Wired today…

College Won’t Train You for a Job¬†and that’s just fine ūüôā Before you jump all over me for that, read his¬†post. I love his “Build a time machine” comment!!

June 22nd, 2016

VisCom 30

March 14th, 2016

For Global Comm Minors and Core Concentrators

To help with what seems to be growing confusion, here is what is available in Fall 2016.


COMM 390 Qualitative Research Methods in Communication is Recommended for Majors only


COMM 100 Introduction to Communication Studies – multiple sections offered every semester

…and any FOUR of the following¬†(at least one must be at the 200-level and two at the 300/400-level) for Core Concentration

…and any FIVE of the following¬†(at least one must be at the 200-level and two at the 300/400-level) for the Minor

100 level 200 level (1 req’d) 300-400 level (2 req’d)
*COMM 165 Intro to Visual Comm *COMM 250 Intercultural Comm COMM 330 International Communication Every SPRING
*COMM 265 Visual Rhetoric, Visual Culture COMM 365 Digital Media in a Global Context
COMM 375 Global Audiences, Global Consumers SP 2018
COMM 380 Visual Media in a Cultural Context
COMM 385 Gender, Globalization and the Media
COMM 432 SpTopics in Global Communication SP 2018
COMM 465 McLuhan’s Global Village SP 2019
COMM 490 Cultures in Contact** SU 2018
WTNG 300 Rhetoric and Cultural Differences


COMM 165 Introduction to Visual Communication
COMM 250 Intercultural Communication
COMM 265 Visual Rhetoric, Visual Culture
COMM 330 International Communication
COMM 375 Global Audiences, Global Consumers
COMM 432 Introduction to Bollywood
COMM 432 Communication and Social Change


COMM 490 Cultures in Contact: A Greener Ireland – combined with CORE 450 People & The Planet for a total of 6 credits. See the Companion Website. Deadline for Application is December 1, 2017.


COMM 465 McLuhan’s Global Village ¬†(SP¬†2019)
COMM 432 Special Topics in Global Communication (as needed)
Please email Dr. Kamille Gentles-Peart to find out what may be offered in future semesters.

February 13th, 2016

Working on my 10 commandments…

  1. Thou shalt not refer to any work¬†of non-fiction as a “novel.” You may say text, book, work… but NEVER “novel”!
  2. Thou shalt not use “pg” or “pg.” for “page” — that abbreviation does not exist in any citation style I have ever seen. If you can find one, let me know. In APA it is “p.” for a single page and “pp.” for multiple pages. Period.
  3. To be continued…
December 7th, 2015

A Word Cloud of my CV

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 4.44.48 PM

December 3rd, 2015

Learning Outcomes

November 22nd, 2015

Sometimes Doonesbury gets eerily close to my life…

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 10.41.07 AMNo one turns the table quite as astutely! How does he do it?

This is the part of the semester where the rubber really meets the road. This past week, I reminded students that we only had three weeks left to the semester and many of them were running out of time to get things they’ve been putting off done.

Some might think lowering expectations is in order — on my part. But I’m firmly of the opinion that if even one student is able to keep up the pace and do well without a significant diminishment in their overall quality of life, the rest had the same opportunity.

We all make¬†decisions along the way that gets¬†us to where we¬†are now. Lowering the bar at this juncture only reinforces the notion that “If I procrastinate long enough, those that expect something of me will lower their expectations and I won’t have to do the work.” And what message does this send to those that¬†applied themselves all along?

The question I set myself is this: “What would it be like to spend the next five (or ten) years working¬†with one of these students, side by side, on my team?”

What kind of workmate do I want? What kind of workmate do YOU want? That’s the kind of student you want to be.

October 19th, 2015

My adventures with Specifications Grading

The Presentation for RWU Innovations in Teaching Series

June 25th, 2015

Visualizing Culture VisCom 29 Presentation

April 17th, 2015

A page is still a page

But abbreviations for page in APA are NOT “pg”.

See this discussion on the English Language & Usage blog.