Important parts to your Introduction and Conclusion

Your Introduction is an invitation to read your paper. It lets the reader know what you are going to write about. It should start with an engaging first sentence and outline the purpose of your research paper. At the end of your Introduction, it’s important to include the following:

  1. what questions does your research topic raise? (society’s relationship to media or technology? to artifacts and their rhetoric?)
  2. what question are YOU asking in this research paper?

Your Conclusion should summarize your findings without being too repetitive. Any surprising (unexpected or perhaps controversial) findings should be mentioned. At the end of your Conclusion, you should tell us the following:

  1. why is it important to know what you learned through your analysis?
  2. what questions did your analysis raise that didn’t get answered? (Do not assume that these are eternal questions that have no answers… someone could be working on these right now… but not in this paper.)

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