It’s the Vernal Equinox… I’ll be planting stuff in the greenhouse — which is finally DONE! We brought our Heron decoy out and put her at the top of our little waterfall. I don’t think she fools anyone but she looks lovely.

Here’s what’s growing:

Lamb’s lettuce
The rainbow chard planted last autumn is STILL going — cut-and-come-again!
These primroses were transplanted from another bed to the front garden under the hydrangea. They have really thrived!
This is my favorite shrub — a spring flowering viburnum that smells amazing!
The hellebore keep flowering.
The Tête-a-tête narcissus are still going strong in the “bulb lasagne” and the tulips are just starting to bud. Thank you, Monty Don, for this GREAT idea… I’ve been enjoying the two pots I planted up all winter.