October 20, 2014

Advising for the Spring Semester

Advising starts on Monday, OCTOBER 27, 2014. Advising appointments are available to the following:

  • my Advisees or “shadow” advisees (double majors)
  • Advisees whose Communication Advisor is on sabbatical, or
  • because I have advised you informally in recent months.

There is a full week of advising before anyone can register, and a further two weeks when Sophomores and Freshmen can be advised prior to registration.

So I’m asking that if you want an advising appointment, please sign up in the following order:

  • Week 1 (OCT 27-30): Juniors and Seniors only
  • Week 2 (NOV 3-6): Sophomores and Juniors
  • Week 2 (NOV 10-13): Freshman, Sophomores and anyone else.

Setting up an advising appointment is fairly easy… but getting the slot YOU want means doing it NOW!

  1. Please go to my online SIGN UP: roconnell-advising1.youcanbook.me. If you have trouble accessing it, email me.
  2. Find an open slot that works for you.

That’s it!

If none of the available times works for you because of classes or work, let me know and we will set something up outside these times. I’ll be filling up the chocolate jar :) Those of you studying abroad this semester should already have the advising spreadsheet to work from but, certainly, email me if you have questions.

If you are a graduating Senior, please make sure that you have filed your Graduation Petition. I can help you with that.


Office: GHH 323 (Global Heritage Hall, 3rd floor).

March 24, 2014

For Global Comm Concentrators and Minors

To help with what seems to be growing confusion, here is what is going to be available in Fall 2014 and Spring 2015


COMM 390 Qualitative Research Methods in Communication is Recommended for Majors only

COMM 100 Introduction to Communication Studies – multiple sections offered every semester

…and any FOUR of the following (at least one must be at the 200-level and two at the 300/400-level) for Core Concentration

…and any FIVE of the following (at least one must be at the 200-level and two at the 300/400-level) for the Minor

100 level 200 level (1 req’d) 300-400 level (2 req’d)
*COMM 165 Introduction to Visual Communication *COMM 250 Intercultural Communication COMM 330 International Communication 2015-2016
*COMM 265 Visual Rhetoric, Visual Culture COMM 365 Digital Media in a Global Context SP2015
COMM 375 Global Audiences, Global Consumers 2015-2016
COMM 380 Visual Media in a Cultural Context SP2017
COMM 385 Gender and Globalization currently COMM 432 in SP15
COMM 432 Special Topics in Global Communication
COMM 465 McLuhan’s Global Village SP2016


COMM 165 Introduction to Visual Communication

COMM 250 Intercultural Communication

COMM 265 Visual Rhetoric, Visual Culture

COMM 365 Digital Media in a Global Context – CLOSED

COMM 432 Gender and Globalization (not yet in catalog) – CLOSED

COMM 432 SpTp: Emancipation through Documentary (cross listed with FILM 430) – CLOSED


COMM 330 International Communication (2015-2016)

COMM 375 Global Audiences, Global Consumers (2015-2016)

COMM 380  Visual Media in a Cultural Context (was offered SP14)

COMM 432 Special Topics in Global Communication

COMM 462 Washington DC Global Communication Seminar for people doing the semester long internship

COMM 465 McLuhan’s Global Village (SP2016)

WTNG 300 Rhetoric and Cultural Differences

October 27, 2013

For the writers among us…

Everyday I get an email from the Visual Thesaurus people… I love that site!

I particularly like those that my students might profit from… like today’s:

Stuff Happens Word of the Day: incidence

The most important take-home about today’s word, in view of modern usage, is that it’s a noncount noun, and so incidences are a confusion for which users probably mean incidents (plural of incident) or just incidence, which means “relative frequency.” The Latin root that gives us both words meant ‘happening.’

Visit the following URL to look up the word of the day in the Visual Thesaurus

June 16, 2013

Okay… THIS is now my favorite cat video…

January 21, 2013

Interview with Seamus Connolly at CIAW

Catherine McEvoy, Seamus Connolly, Mary Bergin The porch of the Weldon House, East Durham, New York, during the 2008 Catskills Irish Arts Week Taken by Roxanne O'Connell (researcher) on July 17, 2008.

Catherine McEvoy, Seamus Connolly, Mary Bergin
The porch of the Weldon House, East Durham, New York, during the 2008 Catskills Irish Arts Week
Taken by Roxanne O’Connell (researcher) on July 17, 2008.

Listen to the 2:58 minute interview with Seamus Connolly

Between 2007 and 2010, I conducted interviews with over 60 participants (informants) regarding the impact of media in their musical lives from their earliest recollections. My own practice was to conduct these interviews with no fewer than two people because I wanted to exploit the associative power of storytelling and narrative to help my participants recall small, rich details. I wanted to get what Clifford Geertz called “thick description”. The combination of participants in any one session depended more on scheduling convenience than any sense of relationship between the participants I might be aware of or assume. Without exception each session uncovered surprising connections and memories, often the most heartwarming and fulfilling aspect of the process.

In this snippet, Seamus Connolly, a native of Killaloe, County Clare, 10 time National Fiddle Champion and “Sullivan Artist in Residence” for Boston College, is talking about his experience of learning music by ear from 78 rpm discs his father procured at various record shops in Limerick and Dublin. When his family was able to get him formal instruction on the fiddle, Seamus discovered that he had learned to play the instrument all wrong! He had to learn it over from the beginning.


September 6, 2012

Sans doute! My favorite “cat” video…

November 5, 2011

Putting it out there…

I’ve given a PechaKucha about this… and I created a personal essay for an e-portfolio class about it as well. I had better put it somewhere where I can study it now.

The 12 Photo Quilt project:

The Project:

These are 12 of my own photos. They feature abstractions that focus on color, shape and the division of space. I want to render them or re-present them using fabric and stitchery. It may mean abstracting them further… or, for some, it will be mimesis.

Hopefully, when the twelve quilt blocks are assembled, the quilt will become the centerpiece of an exhibition with the twelve photos individually mounted as well. We’ll see…


September 14, 2011

Morning glory!

Just a little lesson in paying attention to what beauties are around you. Yesterday morning when I came out to drive to work, I saw this tiny Morning Glory blossom nestled among the gravel of what is currently our front walk — doing the brick paving thing being too expensive an undertaking at the moment. I have never planted morning glories so this is clearly a volunteer from the garden of one of my neighbors. And it only opens up for a short while in the day… when I got home around 5:00 it had gone to bed for the night. Sometimes beauty is unexpected… and fleeting.

September 8, 2011

In recovery!

Please be patient while I reassemble my website after being hacked by some sleaze bags in some other part of the world. The number of hours it takes to recover from that is staggering. But I will not give up. Moving to the WordPress platform from plain old HTML is the first step.

Links to follow.